In 2009, Groupe Altech acquired "Polissage and Placage MM"

Since then, we have moved Polissage and Placage MM into the Groupe Altech facilities and combined the two companies. In adding this new department we have enhanced our capacity to efficiently and effectively meet the needs of our customers by offering 98 different processes, quality assurance at many levels and one-stop shopping.



Groupe Altech, one of the largest and most competitive metal surface treatment facilities in Montreal, Quebec, has been providing plating processes for customers in the automotive, aerospace, electronic, military and commercial industries for more than 20 years.

Groupe Altech works as an integral part of our clients’ production process. We are committed to providing finished parts that exceed our customers’ expectations in a rapid, responsive and cost-effective manner while ensuring that our business and environmental responsibilities are met.

We maintain our strong commitment to research and development by continuously striving to develop new technologies in the plating industry.